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Meet Chow, the only mascot alive in the crypto meme space!

$CHOW has many different media outlets to facilitate our mission, events and news to the world. Click on the links below to provide you access to all our media.


$CHOW invites you to join our active community to meet our members and if you have general $CHOW questions. Please reach out to our Telegram Main group listed below where you can ask our $CHOW volunteers questions throughout any part of the day, night or weekend and learn how to help us spread $CHOW around the world. $CHOW volunteers are available 24/7 and for your convenience, we have also opened communities in many different languages.

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$CHOW is proud to announce a long term partnership with arguably the most innovative project in crypto. Verox is an artificial intelligence investment managing app that is building the world's first AI powered DEX. Verox has dedicated 12 of their limited 47,500 $VRX tokens to our charity wallet, 1 for each charity drive for the next 12 donations! Verox has pledged to assist us in our mission to accelerate mass adoption of crypto through charitable organizations across the world!

$CHOW has partnered with SatoshiStreetBets in an effort to promote our charity drive with Morris Animal Refuge. Check out their amazing Telegram channel by clicking on their image above!

$CHOW has partnered with The Gem Hunters to help promote our charity drive with Morris Animal Refuge. Check our their twitter feed by clicking on their image above!