Charity Wallet

Putting crypto to good use

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The purpose of the $CHOW Charity Wallet is to create a sustainable future for the token and to give back to important causes in our everyday lives.

For $CHOW, this wallet will drive continuous interest to the token through charity drives. These charity drives will run for a pre-determined length of time either through the $CHOW community or in collaboration with an influencer or partnered with another project.

For each charity drive, the charity wallet will begin with 1 million $CHOW that has already been established through donations from various $CHOW holders. All $CHOW earned in the duration of the event will be sold back into the market and ALL proceeds will be donated directly to the chosen charity.

Each charity drive will be marketed to provide as much publicity as possible to the needs of the charity and the connection to $CHOW. The more activity created during these events, the more $CHOW, thus the more money, will be generated for the holders and the charity.

This is a win-win-win situation for all parties involved.

How do our charity drives work?

  • Community choses a Charity
  • Community choses a round / week(s) to hold their charity drive
  • That community works together to build excitement for their charity drive
  • Remember, the more volume and activity with the $CHOW token, the more earned $CHOW for the Charity Wallet…
  • At the conclusion of their event, all the earned $CHOW for that round will be sold and all net proceeds will be donated to the chosen charity
  • The $CHOW Charity Wallet address is public for all to see and track. Proof of all donations will be posted on all $CHOW media outlets. Transparency is paramount to earning and maintaining the community TRUST!!!

Interested in tracking the Charity Wallet?

Click either of the links below and scroll down below the $CHOW overview to see the “Filtered by Token Holder” address for the Charity Wallet balance.